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Two ways strong communication saves money when building a new custom home.

Even quality builders often struggle with communicating with customers. In fact, this unfortunately has now become the norm and somewhat expected. Here are two valuable methods how strong communication will save you money.

Efficiency: It’s no secret that builders need profit to keep doors open. There are only a few options, or maybe I should say ways, for a builder to profit when building your new custom home. Only one option will save you hard-earned dollars and that’s by way of efficiency. All other options require you paying more to have your home built.

It’s impossible for today’s custom home builder to be efficient without strong communication between customer, suppliers and subcontractors.

Efficiency is a viewable transparent online build schedule (Buildertrend) that allows the customer, supplier and subcontracting team to easily track and follow. Efficiency is the catalyst that propels your home’s construction to move along at a faster rate without compromising quality. You pay less interest on a construction loan, less time/money renting while home is under construction and less time stressing about when the heck your home will be move-in ready.

Decisions: I once heard a customer say, “I’ve made what seems like a hundred decisions on the home and it hasn’t even started!” Building a custom home does require a fair amount of customer input and decision making. Very few homes designed today by architects have 100% specifications (flooring type, fixtures, tile, cabinetry, etc.) determined before the home breaks ground. This means that these decisions must be researched and determined, and then communicated to your building team, throughout the homebuilding process.

When you make these decisions, and how they are communicated, will affect how much your home will cost to build. An efficient builder, that word again, will have “trigger” dates highlighted on the build schedule reminding you of important decision deadlines. These trigger dates allow the time to cross reference budgets to make sure your choices are within monetary allowance. Your decisions then become part of a network of communication that includes participation from suppliers, installers, inspectors, project management and the general contractor. This well-oiled process not only saves you money but relieves the stress of feeling surprise pressure or hasty decision making.

Feel free to contact the Carlton Construction Team for additional ideas how strong communication can save money, stress and time when building your dream home!

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